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Design in Simple Steps

Style, Furnish, and Decorate Your Space


Serene simplicity, tonal textual plays, organic shapes with subtle interest


Raw wood, unfinished metal, moody hues, masculine



We would love to know you. This means working with you to identify an aesthetics that works with your functionality preference.

In a manner of commitment to this, we would ask that you complete your design profile that will help us to discover your unique style. 

With texts or images describe to us how you see yourself living in this space. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 10.44.36



Our design team will create mood boards that are based on your design profile and we will revise for final concept after collecting your feedback.



Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 8.30.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 8.29.49 PM.png

All the pieces are put into a perspective for you that you will just focus on planning the great time you are going to have in this new space. 

We deliver a floor plan for ESSENTIAL service and 3D snapshots for PLUS service. 



You will receive a personalized shopping list with details, links, and if available, background information on furniture designers. We believe that knowing what you are buying adds to the significance that comes with your design. 

Use our complimentary one-stop order services and receive discounts for your furniture and decor.

Design Service Packages

Our three flat-rate design packages to cater to your specific needs and ensure transparency.


I'm pretty flexible and prefer the design process as effortless as possible.




$369 / ROOM

Package Includes:

- Design profile

- Two concept boards

- Customized final design

- Floor plan with furniture layout

- Personalized online shopping list

- Complimentary ordering services


I'm very specific about what I like and I have a lot of ideas for this space.




$789 / ROOM

Package Includes:

- Design profile

- 1:1 conversation with LIVIO 

- Two concept boards

- Floor plan with furniture layout

- 3D model of final design

- Personalized online shopping list

- Complimentary ordering services


I've done the heavy lifting and need help with a rug/wall art/you name it.




$199 / ROOM

Package Includes:

- Design profile

- Two concept boards

- Personalized online shopping list

- Complimentary ordering services

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking forward to working together. Please check below for most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our services.

How does LIVIO room design work?

Once you order your design plan, take a couple minutes to tell us about your space by creating your design profile. We will also ask for images of your current space, floor plan (if you live in a condo, we can also source it from the internet or your building manager on your behalf), and any inspiration photos.


As soon as we have received your answers, we will get started on your room design and send you two initial concept boards. Our usual process time is one to two weeks and we will communicate in advance when we have too many projects in the pipeline and need extra time.


Please let us know your feedback through email or virtual conversation help us refine the design.


We will complete your final design within two weeks after receiving your feedback and send you the floor plan or 3D room rendering images depending on your design package purchased. We only provide one iteration of 3D rendering images for each design project. We will still be able to accommodate any additional requests and revisions after this point; however, a design modification fee will be charged at our design team's discretion.

For Decor package, we will send you a detailed list of decors and tools curated based on your room design and style preference at the same time when we deliver the final room design.


You can either order the furnitures and decors yourself, or use our complimentary order services and receive discounts on furniture purchase.

Can I keep furniture & decors I already own in the design?

Yes. We can incorporate the pieces you already own in our design. Once you have purchased a design package, we will ask for images and sizes for pieces you want in the design profile. This will help us ensure that your current furniture fits in well with the new design.

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