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Thoughtful designs to bring efficiency, creativity, and positive possibilities

By designing and consulting for many clients and their apartments throughout our life - for friends or families - we observed how our needs and expectations for the living space change as we enter different phases and moods in life. We make design changes as we make space for new members in our life, as we start new hobbies or interests, or as we retreat to working within our home. These events repeat and like the holidays and seasons which pass through, people and spaces are meant to change and inspire us. The relationship between our space and living is just like any other relationship - a living organism and constantly reordering influences in our life.

Beauty as Personal. Living Interiors to Meet Who You Are

Your aesthetics and utility needs are different. There is no one-stop, one-style formula for all. Glamorous rooms advertised on social media may not necessarily meet who you are and what you need. We aim to find the balance and create the beautiful "fit" or "lift" for your unique style.

Living space design made accessible through our platform

Creating impact with our community

We want to put an innovative spin on the interior styling process. As we combine our background in art, engineering, and technology and continue educating ourselves and working with different industry practitioners, we started to brainstorm ideas on how to make this process a bit more efficient and transparent, and therefore make it more accessible for more people. This is an ongoing process as technology continues to develop and as we integrate more.

We are a women-owned and operated business that seeks to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Establishing equity amongst our collaborators is a part of the process and the future of our company. We are based in Toronto and focused on fostering a community that supports local and emerging creatives. Complexity is our natural mode of working. We constantly look at and assess who we are, the individuals and organizations we are working with, and our collective responsibility to make the community a better place for everyone.

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